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CB Radios and Services 

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DTB Radio accepts mail-in service orders. Click here for details on shipping your radio to us. All radios and services carry a 90-day shop warantee.

Stop by DTB Radio for prices not listed here, or you may Contact us for more information.


Most Radios are subject to price changes, depending on current market. Contact us for current price on a particular model

Services (not inclusive, email for other rates)

Talk-back (most radios)
LED Meter lite (small meters)
Replace major parts
Variable Power Kit
Install most noise toys
Connex Boards 
Check SWR's (check only)
Standard tune-up 

Installations, SWR
work, other general labor

$15.00 installed
$25-$50 plus parts
$39.99 installed
$25.00 (labor only, u supply toy)
$54.99 installed (most radios) 

Time and materials

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