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To the fellow I was just talking to on skip (6-17-2010 5:08PM EST) , I'll post that three-beep deal you liked as soon as I can.

Useful Circuit Ideas

Browse through the unsorted titles below to see if what you need is there. Click on the title to see the full-size schematic. Save the image to disk, then use your favorite graphics program to scale it to your needs and print it out. The files can be pretty big, but the print-out quality is worth the wait. You can contribute curcuits by emailing me a CLEAR black and white GIF image of the schematic, and brief description of operation. If its not clear, out it goes. 
Since some of these are from other sources, I DO NOT assume any responsibility for their use or for results thereof.

If you like to create your own circuit schematics, I highly recommend 

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