DTB Radio warranty and shop policies

*** by making a purchase from DTB Radio, you agree to all DTB Radio polices, present and future ***

warranty Policy:

New products purchased from DTB Radio are covered under their respective factory warranties. DTB Radio does not provide warranty service for any brand, so any warranty service requirements would need to be handled via authorized factory service centers. If you purchase a new radio from us, and have us modify the radio, please note that any such modification may void the factory warranty, making you responsible for any problems that would normally be covered under the factory warranty. Many problems that would normally be covered under factory warranty can be also repaired here at DTB Radio, and for modified radios purchased from us we are happy to provide discounted service; however, since many new items are incorporating features that we cannot service here (microprocessor-driven display systems, surface-mount sub-assemblies, etc), some items may need factory service, which would then be the responsibility of the customer.

DTB Radio warranty's its used products and labor against defects and malfunctions NOT related to antenna or vehicle electrical system problems (including you hooking the radio up backwards) for for 90 days from the date of purchase. Support for used items will be limited to repair or replacement of the used item under warranty, at our option.

* Taking the radio to another shop immediately voids your warranty! * Under no circumstances does DTB Radio cover repair bills from other shops. If you have a problem with a used item or with work that we did, contact us and let us know that you are unhappy, and we will work to correct the problem. If you choose to take the item to another shop for repair, our warranty is automatically voided, and we will assume no further responsibility for the item.If you have a problem, bring it back to us WITH the receipt, and we will take care of you.

* There will be exceptions, as a project to document and list legitimate and technically-knowledgable shops progresses. Taking the radio to any shops on this list will not void the warranty; however, costs incurred at these shops will NOT be covered.

While we do welcome ANY comments, complaints, or suggestions, DO NOT come back with a complaint and expect any warranty coverage, or refund of your original repair price, if you took the radio to another shop for repair, or if you do not have your receipt.

Returns Policy:

Undamaged and fully operational items may be returned within 10 days of purchase for a refund in the form of store credit, minus a %15 restock fee. All returned item(s) must be accompanied by ALL of their original packaging and and ALL included accessories and manuals. You MUST provide your original receipt. Any items found to be operationally or cosmetically damaged or otherwise unfit for new retail sale (including missing accessories and packaging, etc) will NOT be accepted for return. Used items must be returned with any included accessories as listed on the receipt. Since used items generally show normal wear and tear, things like minor scratches, minor finish blemishes, and small scuff markes are not a problem. Major flaws, such as broken/missing knobs, large dents, etc, will be unreturneable, unless the original receipt indicates that such things were already present at time of sale.

Service and modifications are NOT returnable. If you buy a new radio, and have it modified, the credit will only be issued for the actual merchandise, NOT for the extra spent on modification.

Mail Order Policy:

All mail and phone orders are subject to the above policies, with an additional 10 days on the warranty coverage, and an additional 5 days on returns. Shipping charges are NOT refundable.

Repair Policy:

Any items either dropped off or shipped to us for repair which are not paid for and picked up (or, in the case of mail-ins, return shipping arrangements made) within 30 days, will become the property of DTB Radio and either disposed of, or sold to recover our costs. Items which have been paid for, but not picked up within 30 days of being paid, will also become the property of DTB Radio, and be sold or disposed of. Exceptions can be arranged on an individual basis.

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